Saturday, November 06, 2010

Daintree Wildlife

6 Nov 2010. Wildlife tours. I apologise for turning away passengers in recent days. We can only take 12 people per day and if you are after a seat at last moment we could well be sold out. please refer to our seat-availability page >

2 Nov 2010.
Black Bitterns
sightings are now very consistent.

28 Oct 2010.
Black Bitterns
are more regular. Lovely Fair-wrens are vocal now and we saw some this morning. With last week's rain the river water is cooler than normal and the crocodile sightings have improved.

18 Oct 2010. Black Bitterns and Great-billed Herons. Cool overcast conditions produced some good sightings of our rarer birds. We completed a hatrick with the Great-billed Heron; seeing a nest, hearing the bird's call (Crocodile Bird) and have good views in flight and perched. Similar things with the Black Bitterns and a Papuan Frogmouth.

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