Sunday, August 24, 2014

Beach Stone-curlew at Wonga Beach

Beach Stone-curlew
Wonga Beach is well known amongst birdwatchers for 3 special species. One of them is the Beach Stone-curlew which is rare in comparison to the Bush Stone-curlew seen and heard all over Wonga. This photo was taken yesterday afternoon with my trusty old Android mobile and might explain why it is not very good.

There is a big house available for visiting birdwatchers:


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Douglas Shire Library - Bird Exhibition

Douglas Shire Library

In line with the commencement of the local birdwatching season the Douglas Shire Library has rolled out a Bird Exhibition in Mossman. The main part of the exhibition is formed by a lifelong wild bird *egg collection by Mossman man Jack Dwyer. Showcased are other bird books and the Birds of the Daintree DVD.

The eggs were collected early last century.*


It's Birdwatching Time - boogity boogity boogity shoe....

Screenshot from birdwatching app
From now until the wet is a good time for birdwatching as the migrants flock in. To help out with accommodation Mark & Kerry Gannon have made their beachfront home at Wonga Beach available for visiting birdwatchers at some unbelievable rates. The holiday home can sleep 10 and backs onto a creek at Giblin Street which by coincidence is featured on the Port Douglas & Daintree Discovery Guide app under "birdwatching":

Backs onto Beachfront holiday home
There are lots of birdwatching places at Wonga Beach which is part of Daintree:

Wonga Beachfront Holiday Home has a responsive website at 


Friday, August 08, 2014

Strong Wind Warning

South-east Trade Winds

Right in the middle of the high season we have a strong wind warning that means it will be rough at sea and many of the reef boats in Port Douglas will not be putting to sea. It will be like this for the next few days.
The strong winds even effect the Daintree River boats because the water in the river can be rough and the trees and mangroves lining the river will be blowing around making it unpleasant and very hard to see wildlife except for crocodiles.

Go at Dawn or Dusk because it is much calmer then.
Calm conditions at dawn and dusk
Book your dawn or dusk river trip here.

You can even book it on your phone with our responsive websites.

Top image from BOM website and the bottom image courtesy of Marketing Daintree.