Friday, April 19, 2013

Bruce Belcher Branches out into Birdwatching

One of the longest serving tour guides in Daintree is going to follow his dream of being a birdwatcher guide. If it is anything like what Bruce normally does he will be a good one. Bruce Belcher, a mate of mine for a quarter of century starts his operation on 1 May 2013. He plans to use the lower reaches of the Daintree with a birdwatching boat for a 2&1/2 hour early morning tour at a cost of $65.
This is really good news for visiting birdwatchers because the other birdwatching guides work upstream in the freshwater reaches and so the visitors will have the opportunity to do both parts on different days. Since dawn trips started on the Daintree more than 20 years ago the Daintree River has become world renowned for birdwatching.
Bruce is part of the digital revolution with his digital business card and mobile website:


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Crocodiles are in the food chain.

Crocodile hatchling emerges from the egg.

It is that time of the year again the crocodile hatchlings are out and about. Only weeks old these small crocodiles are an important food source for other animals, particularly birds. Their survival rate is about 1% which is common for any species that has a large clutch.

You can see these creatures on the Daintree River.

Best at low tide. See: