Friday, August 04, 2017

Sunrise River Trip - Wednesday 2 August 2017

"Sauce", Anna Ferris Simpson and myself.

It has been eight months since I have been on the Daintree River at Dawn. 

Denise and I have been away and are now back so I can help "Sauce" during the tourist season and more importantly the birdwatching season which starts in spring.

We had an English family along for the trip and the daughter Anna is a keen photographer. The trip yielded 34 wildlife species seen and a further 17 heard. Some of the highlights included two Saltwater Crocodile, both swimming, two Green Tree Snakes, Little, Forest and Azure Kingfishers and at the end, I thought we hit the jackpot with what looked like a Grey Falcon. Grey Falcons are rare and are usually found inland if they are ever seen at all. I certainly had never seen one and as it turns out I still haven't seen a Grey Falcon?

It turned out to be a Grey Goshawk sitting out in the open which must have thrown me. My experience with Grey Goshawks is that they are far more secretive and do not sit out in the open whereas most falcons will. Never mind there is always the next time.

Anna's photo of the Grey Goshawk

There are plenty of indications that spring is upon us and the bird migration is underway; Brush Cuckoos and Brown-backed Honeyeaters have arrived and are busy calling. The migration will go on until November with the arrival of the Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfishers and a little later Oriental Cuckoos.

Boat trip courtesy of Ian "Sauce" Worcester of Daintree River Wild Watch.

I will be conducting a Daintree Bird Walk on Saturday 5 August 2017: